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I've put together some valuable resources you can use to make progress on your own.


Whether you're an existing client or someone who's just exploring the coaching opportunity, your empowerment matters to me. Browse the PDF materials below and get quick access to the Transformation Tips and Workbooks that resonate with you. You can click the PDF button and review these materials online and/or download them.


These materials are a free gift from me to you, and no sign up or opt-in is required. 

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Clear Creations Workbook

This workbook helps you increase your level of self-awareness, identify positive goals, and use your inner magic to create helpful solutions.

Focus & Feelings: Helpful Tips


This slide presentation (in PDF form) provides insights about the connection between your thoughts and feelings. Changing your focus to uplifting avenues supports overall emotional well-being.

Simple Grounding Exercise

Audio Grounding Exercise
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This no frills breathing and grounding exercise can help you calm your nervous system and get centered in beautiful Earth energy. 

Length: 12 Minutes


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