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Create fulfillment with the magic inside you.

Thoughts, feelings, and choices are your tools. Karma Coaching can help you take back your power and unlock your creative potentials. Change negative karmic patterns that no longer serve you and create more of what your heart desires.

"Start feeling better about yourself and your experience of LIFE will blossom."


Coaching Packages


Do More, Pay Less

Commit to the process of self-exploration and creativity and make beautiful progress. You are the key to your success. How much treasure can you unlock?


Coaching packages maximize your skill sets and growth potentials. Each coaching package includes weekly 1-on-1 personal coaching sessions with Sloan (via video calling); additional Laser Coaching Calls (by telephone) are available, as needed, at no extra cost; additional interim support by email; and written materials with activities for progress between sessions.

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Karma coaching is a holistic approach to creating more of what you want for your life; and less of what you don't want.


Your life can be full of wonder and a sense of purpose that lights up your heart and puts a smile on your face.  

Having a joyful heart and an enjoyable life are signs of true inner strength.

REAL SELF-LOVE: Learning to love yourself authentically helps you attract people who will love and appreciate you as well. With healthy, mutually supportive relationships, you'll enjoy meaningful companionship. Life can be fun again!

Authentic self-love and true confidence are among the many benefits of holistic Karma Coaching.

Great Reviews



"Loved getting to work with Sloan via long distance- having a child at home, I just couldn’t make it work otherwise. She was always prompt and helped me through a lot.


"Because of her intuitiveness and knowledge, Sloan was able to give tools and access a whole other place to live a much more purposeful life. I am forever grateful for her (and my) work and would highly recommend her if you could use some extra tools to become more present in your life.


"Just got home from an excellent session with Sloan. I am ready to get my project started and I know what I learned working with Sloan will help me continue to focus on my goal.


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